Entry Station

TIBA’s modularly designed MP-30 Entry Station features the latest and most advanced technologies including an option for bar code scanner for prepaid reservation confirmations, and a proximity reader for monthly parker pass card. A magnetic card reader is available for hotel guests and value card payments.


The entry station’s TFT Color hi-res display is fully customizable for communicating clear guidance information to users.


Connection with TIBA’s facility management software is flexible to accommodate future technological developments.


The MP-30’s interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks, gliding open with just a pull, allowing for ultra-convenient maintenance. The unit can dispense up to 5,000 tickets and new consumables are easily reloaded.



  • Built-in Intercom Substation

  • Stainless Steel housing

  • Aluminum pedestal

  • Built-in loop detector

  • Heavy Duty Thermal printer with ticket retractor

  • Proximity Reader for monthly parkers

  • 2×16 backlit LCD display

  • Built-in surge protector

  • Built-in Heater

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