Mobile Validation App

TIBA’s Mobile Validation turns your smartphone into a validation unit.

Mobile Validation, part of TIBA’s system of mobile apps, maximizes productivity and simplifies business processes with the use of a smartphone.

With this easy to use app simply scan the QR or bar code on the customer’s ticket and choose from a list of validation options. Once the discount type is selected, the discount is applied in real time to the ticket. All TIBA PARCS devices recognize the validation, calculate the new parking fee and update the ticket balance accordingly.

TIBA’s Mobile Validation Supports validations to multiple facilities from a single device.

TIBA’s Mobile Validation connects to your existing SmartPark installation and runs simultaneously with other SmartPark modules.

Mobile Validation is easy to use and is available for download from the iTunes Store or Google Play and are compatible for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.



  • Supports validations to multiple facilities from a single app instance.

  • Assign validation types including flat rate, discounted rate, hours discount and more.

  • Available for Apple® IPhone or IPad.


Download brochure: