SW-30 Exit Station

Upon exit, patrons have options on how to pay for parking. After paying at the automatic pay station, patrons insert paid ticket into the SW-30 Exit Station ticket reader to open the gate. Patrons that have not paid can pay on exit with credit card.


The Exit Station retracts tickets for auditing purposes, and patrons can receive a receipt via the built-in receipt printer. The Exit Station includes a built-in intercom system and a proximity card reader which permits monthly customers to exit with a simple wave of their card.


The interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks which glide open with just a pull, allowing for easy maintenance and retrieval of the tickets.



  • Stainless steel housing

  • Built-in loop detector

  • Motorized barcode reader to read and swallow tickets

  • 2×16 backlit LCD Display

  • Proximity reader for monthly parking

  • Magnetic Card reader to accept credit and debit cards

Download brochure: